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        Food Packaging Machine

        For many years, the company has always been dedicated to the development and production of set equipment of foodstuff packing machinery and non-standard special equipment. It has become the authority section in China in the industry of print-iron can manufacturing. It can provide molding tools, key consumption parts, frequency-variation power, special tools and partial special machines in various specification for imported and domestic can production lines.

        The company has developed a static inverter power controlled by resistance welding micro machine, which is still at the best level in domestic. Based on original research, higher level research on power are of more favorable conditions. Meanwhile, the company has been engaging in technical research and mold production in the field of seaming for many years. We have provided partial 0.14mmDR board seal mold for abroad most advance production line. Nowadays, the company is committed to manufacturing technology and industrialization of green DR board ultra-thin container.