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        Automotive Detection Equipment

        In the industry of automotive component and parts, the company has developed dozens of testing equipment. It can be mainly divided into five categories, including:
        1. Series of mechanical tappet detection and sorting equipment. This series of devices can automatically test all parameters of mechanical tappet, including the measurement of diameter, T value, bottom thickness, hardness and crack, the visual measurement of orifice defects, unpolished face, trachoma and other indicators, and it can complete all the final inspection as laser marking and painting and so on.
        2. Steering system components detection equipment. This range of equipment includes fixed parallel to the rotor thickness detection and sorting machine, the stator of profile and vertical testing machine, the rotor slot width, groove depth detector and the rotor pin-hole symmetry detector and etc..
        3. Bearing automatic detection and sorting equipment. The family of devices mainly includes automatic detection and sorting machine of the bearing wall thickness and bearing radius and parallel, which can be directly docking with the processing equipment for unmanned operation.
        4. Wheels beat automatic detection equipment. The company has developed wheel beat and harmonic wave detection machine, wheel beat and harmonic wave detection line, and wheel beat and dynamic balance teat line and a full range of testing equipment, which can meet the detection of all the geometric quantities of wheels.
        5. Gearbox automatic detection and assembly equipment. This series of devices mainly includes: gearbox gasket gear to adjust the pads automatic matching machine, differential axle gear adjusting automatic matching machine and gearbox automatic detection and assembly lie and so on.

          Mechanical Tappet Automatic Detection and Sorting Equipment

          Fixed Parallel to the Rotor Thickness Detection and Sorting Machine

          The Stator of Profile and Vertical Testing Machine

          Automatic Detection and Sorting Machine of the Bearing Wall Thickness

          Automatic Detection and Sorting Machine of the Bearing Radius and Parallel

         Wheels Beat Automatic Detection Machine

          Wheel Beat and Harmonic Wave Automatic Detection Line

         Gearbox Gasket Gear to Adjust the Pads Automatic Matching Machine

          Differential Axle Gear Adjusting Automatic Matching Machine