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        AGV system is mainly consisted of pilotless automatic guided vehicle, AGV administration, monitoring system and intelligent charging system.  With the administration and supervision of AGV administration and monitoring system, AGV vehicles, according to requirements of operation tasks, choose the optimal path as planned, walk accurately, pull over at designated spots and then complete a series of operation tasks, for example, cargo getting and discharging, and charging and etc.. AGV system is a bridge to connect every single relative part in the logistics system. AGV system plays a pretty important role in moving devices of modern production logistics. Aimed at different customer’s demand, we can flexibly design AGV system, improve production efficiency, reduce cost, shorten production cycle and fasten capital turnover. AGV system has a bright future to apply in the process of automatic production and computer integrated manufacturing systems (CIMS), especially in these special highly automatic industries of logistics and storage, manufacturing, tobacco, paper-making, automobile, civil aviation, iron and steel, construction machinery, chemical, post, nuclear material, photographic material and clean workshop.