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          Academician  Xu Xingchu

          Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, precision machine tool design and process expert. China Academy of machinery science honorary president. Graduated from Dalian Institute Department of mechanical machine tool professional, in the Ministry of machinery industry Beijing Institute of machine tool during successive technician, engineer, engineering ( Research ), director, deputy director, director. Now working in China Machinery Industry Federation, vice director of science and Technology Commission, 1993 was elected as academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences ( faculty member ). Seventh - nine member of the CPPCC National committee.

          Academician Xu Xingchu engaged in precision measurement and precision measuring instrument and precision machining and precision machine tool design and manufacture. Has presided over the development of China's first one metre longitudinal dynamic photoelectric comparator, the laser wavelength as the benchmark for making a meter grating and magnetic gate machine. Development of ultra precision machine tools and precision machining technology, has successfully developed a super precision lathe, milling machine and other new products, at the same time created a low cost are the key manufacturing technology. Won the National Prize for progress in science and technology and the national middle-aged expert with outstanding contribution.


          Academician Lin Shangyang

          Chinese Academy of engineering, the famous welding experts, doctoral tutor. The current deputy chief engineer of Machinery Science Research Institute, Harbin Research Institute of welding technology committee chairman. Graduated from the Harbin Institute of Technology welding specialty, in Harbin Research Institute of welding work, has served as the project leader, director of research and chief engineer, deputy chief engineer, chairman of the technical committee. In 1995 he was elected academician of Chinese Academy of engineering. In 2005 won the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society awarded " China Welding Lifetime Achievement Award"; 2009 July won the IIW Award " Barton Lifetime Achievement Award"; 2010 December won the "top ten national outstanding scientific and technological workers" award nomination.

          Academician Lin Shangyang for 40 years straight fight in the front line of scientific research, completed more than 20 major task, made a number of important research results, a total of ministries and national awards of 11, and authored over 40 papers, 2 monographs. 60 time presided over the successful research 4 kinds of yield strength of 400-600MPa low alloy high strength steel submerged arc welding and electroslag welding wire, the wire is still used in the production of 70 time invention; underwater local drainage CO2 semi automatic gas shielded welding method, make our country underwater welding technology into the world's advanced level; 80 time invention double wire narrow gap submerged arc welding method, to solve the thick steel structure welding quality and efficiency contradiction and welding automation problems; 90 time has completed motorcycle automatic welding machines and the bulldozer bogie frame welding robot workstation development tasks; completion in 2001 of the Ministry of science and technology of high power solid laser welding and cutting technology and the production of complete sets of equipment of science and technology research project.

          Lin Shangyang also engaged in a large number of social work. China welding was part of learned society secretary general, International Institute of welding ( IIW ) chairman of China Committee, Harbin Institute of Technology Professor, doctoral tutor, China Academy of machinery science Bo native tutor, Harbin city assist chairman, Heilongjiang province division assist standing committee, China Machinery Industry Federation of science and Technology Committee invited members of, Heilongjiang province and Harbin City People's Political Consultative Conference commissioner.


          Academician Chen Yunbo

          Chinese Academy of engineering, professor class senior engineer, doctoral tutor. The eighth session of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society of vice chairman and director of Advisory Committee; China Academy of machinery science and deputy chief engineer, advanced manufacturing technology research center materials engineering and Technology Research Institute; the advanced forming technology and equipment of Academic Committee of the State Key Laboratory Director; China heat treatment Productivity Promotion Center Director; duty such as vice-chairman of society of Chinese energy. In 1988 was named national outstanding contribution expert of the youth in 1991, the State Council issued a special government allowances, 1999 were selected for the Chinese Academy of engineering, 2009 was appointed" Hangzhou equipment manufacturing industry massive economic transformation and upgrading of chief expert group expert service".

          Chen Yunbo academician in the long-term research and production lines, engaged in materials science, materials processing, surface engineering and technical field of mold technology, in the solution of major engineering equipment and related key technology problems, new material and new technology to common technology, surface engineering technology and environment failure resistance of materials system, there are many academic and technology innovation. Presided over the national commitment to the "fifteen"," eleven five", the field of new material technology major special defense advanced materials, to assume a number of national 863 project, 973 and 863 children, research projects, the national "eleven five" the support of science and technology projects and major projects of National Science and technology"". Has won the National Prize for progress in science and Invention Award and the provincial, ministerial-level scientific and technological progress award award for major scientific and technological achievements amounted to more than 10 times, obtained 4 invention patents, 3 published monographs, published more than 100 papers. Training doctoral, master more than 10.