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      About Us

      About Us

      Company Profile

      China Academy of Machinery Science and Technology (CAM) is a big state-owned enterprise of science and technology, and it is directly under the leadership of State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC). CAM was founded in 1956, and it has been dedicated itself to realizing the revitalization of the national manufacturing industry. CAM has been committed to the research work on the common interest technology in the manufacturing industry for more than 50 years. Originally as an administration entity attached to Ministry of Machine Building and in 1999 transformed to a big state-owned enterprise, CAM now focuses on two scopes of business including "machinery equipment technology research and service" and "its equipment manufacturing". It has gained more than 7000 achievements and patents which are applied in some main domestic industries such as machinery manufacturing, aeronautic and aerospace, transportation, information, metallurgy, construction, automobile, environmental protection, and energy and etc.. CAM owns 15 subordination research institutes, such as Harbin Welding Institute, Shenyang Research Institute of Foundry , Beijing Research Institute of Automation for Machinery Industry, Beijing Research Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Technology, Zhengzhou Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Wuhan Research Institute of Materials Protection , First Design and Research Institute, MI China,and etc.. CAM also has 7 state-level or ministerial-level engineering research centers, 11 product quality test centers, 7 state-level productivity promotion centers, 1 program for Doctor's degree and 15 programs for Master's degree. It is awarded independent examinational and approval authority of foreign business and rights of dealing self-managed import and export business. 


      In March 2002, Machinery Technology Development Co. Ltd. (MTD) was founded according to the official approval from the State Economic and Trade Commission (written reply No.: Guo jing mao qi zi (2002)179). CAM is the major initiator; Beijing Dadi Technology Industrial Corporation, Central Iron & Steel Research Institute (CISRI), Xinjiang Tieye Group Co. Ltd., Chinese Academy of Agriculture Mechanization Sciences and Beijing General Research Institute of Mining & Metallurgy (BGRIMM) are the co-sponsors. MTD are based on several research institutes affiliated to CAM. 


      Machinery Technology Development Co. Ltd. (MTD) has a registered capital of 60,000,000 RMB, which primarily focused on products development, manufacture and sale of metallurgical equipment and engineering, intelligent cartage robot, automatic detection equipment, automatic control system and precision manufacturing technology, environmental engineering and equipment and etc.. MTD will fully depend on advantages of industry, technology and talents and contribute to improve national industry equipment.


      The Machinery Technology Development Co., Ltd.(MTD) was established by the Academy of Machinery Science & Technology (AMST) as the major founder in collaboration with BeijingDadi Technology Industry General Corporation, Xinjiang Tianye (Group) Co., Ltd., Central Iron & Steel Research Institute , ChineseAcademy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences, and Beijing General Research Institute of Mining & Metallurgy. It is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to development, manufacturing and marketing for environmental protection equipment and engineering, new techniques and equipment for machine-electronics integration, and precise technology and products.


      The MTD will take“High technology, high quality, high reputation" as the principle for operation. It will make full use of its industrial advantage, technique advantage and talent advantage to take the market as the orientation, technique innovation as driving power, and economic benefit as the center. It is oriented to the domestic market and prepared for the international market to greatly develop and produce machine-electronics integration products with high technology content. It will continuously extend production scale and improve its core competitive power, and establish and perfect its modern enterprise management mode and operation mechanism, which are suitable for market economy. The company will make its own contribution to the improvement of industrial equipment in China.


      MTD is qualified to Grade One leading process design in mechanical industry, Grade One engineering consulting in environmental engineering (solid water, solid waste), Grade Two engineering consulting in municipal public engineering (water supply and drainage, environmental sanitation), and Grade One environmental engineering design. 


      In recent 10 years, in the process of research exploring and products manufacturing, MTD has cultivated a group of excellent talents, whom is represented by middle and senior managers, senior technology research and development personnel, senior versatile and practical experts, and professional with advanced skills. Among them, there are 3 fellows of Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) and Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), 2 national excellent young scholars with outstanding contributions, 7 professions receiving special allowance from the State Council, 2 national scholars involved in "National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project", 1 versatile and practical expert awarded by China Academy of Machinery Science and Technology, and 1 technology expert and 32 research fellows awarded by China Academy of Machinery Science and Technology.