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          Research Field

          MTD is rooted in CAM with over 50 year’s history of China machinery industry. It is a national enterprise with a strong technical background and innovative advantage and technological innovation is our most significant feature.

          In order to ensure the advanced technology and to lead the industry technology development, MTD focuses on research and development of cutting-edge technology while upgrading the existing technology. In recent years, in the fields of environmental protection and ecological governance, MTD has been focusing on researches on energy-saving sewage treatment processing and technology, sludge oxygen compost turning technology and equipment, garbage dry processing technology; in the field of metallurgy, MTD has been focusing on researches and development on key technology and equipment of fully automatic binding machine, fast coil conveying robot, wide, high speed and high accuracy cross-section machine line, and large hydraulic test machine line; in the field of intelligent robot, MTD has been focusing on researches and development of completely independent intellectual property of laser guided vehicle, electromagnetic guided vehicle, unmanned orbital transportation vehicle and electric vehicle control system and etc.; in the field of automatic detection, MTD has been focusing on researches and development of automotive high pressure common rail detection technology, engine fuel injector detection and assembly, aviation and aerospace special detection equipment and on-line quality detection and control technology; in the field of green manufacturing, MTD has been mainly focusing on research and development of DR thin plate making tank technology.

          At the same time, MTD has strengthened the cooperation with universities and specialized institutions in the areas of key and high-tech fields, and has established strategic alliances to develop new processes, new products so as to promote the upgrades of technology and products. MTD has cooperated with many organizations to deal with research and development, as Tsinghua University, Tianjin University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Beijing Polytechnic University, Sweden NDC company, American CIGNA Corporation, Wuhan Iron and Steel Industrial Group, Beijing Steel Design and Research Institute, Beijing Municipal Design Institute, Beijing Water Supply and Drainage Group and etc.