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    About Us

    About Us

    Speech of President

    For all the successful development and respected company, her development is not only the company's own development and growth, but she is to provide a platform for the realization of self-worth, more depend on employee 's identity, pride, but she is brave in to assume social responsibility, but she is grateful to return. Machine corporation is one such company.

    Machine division shares by rooted in China machinery industry 50 years of development the fertile soil of Machinery Science Research Institute of restructuring, mainly engaged in environmental protection equipment and engineering, metallurgical equipment and engineering, intelligent robot, automatic testing equipment, automation control systems and precision manufacturing technology and other aspects of system design and development, production and sales. Companies in these areas are in the domestic leading level.

    Our success in the past benefited from the rapid growth of Chinese economy, unite the broad masses of staff very intelligent and hard sweat, but also benefited from our customers for our trust and love, in this to express my most sincere thanks!

    As a strong technical background and strong innovation ability of high-tech central enterprises, future with our first-class technical innovation, high quality products and quality services to maximize the services in the national innovation system and meet the actual needs of customers, staff to meet the growing material and cultural needs, let our staff life with more dignity, truly "people-oriented, harmonious sharing". At the same time, we will shoulder more social responsibility, realization of the company, customers, employees and the state of development!