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    Power established with rookie black points soup have ti AGV win-win market

    Publish Date:2017-02-17

    The future robot subdivided market momentum strong, will be a personalized needs. Many companies began to zero in on the robot more targeted market segments, targeted for development, to provide differentiated products and services, has achieved good economic and social benefits, such as the growth momentum in recent years, domestic AGV.

    Market in China by foreign brand eating into robot, AGV is one of the few survived "territory", although the foreign AGV robot brands enter the Chinese market time is not too late, but after China AGV application market has not really open, so the foreign brands did not spend too much energy to mining the market, which happened to give the AGV domestic enterprises early movers, root based on the domestic market.

    According to completely robot industry research institute (GGII) statistics show that in 2015 the market main active AGV robot enterprise mainly has 60 or so, in the domestic market of AGV occupies 90% of the market, the current domestic production enterprises of about 70 AGV, nearly 30 enterprises is a new enter the last two or three years. In 2015 China AGV market output value is about 790 million yuan, is expected to market output will reach 1.07 billion yuan in 2016.

    AGV as a domestic robot intelligence in the process of the industry of new product on the market, according to GGII, according to data from 2012 to 2015, during the AGV enterprises (including some of the new AGC enterprises) have sprung up, and in the car industry, tobacco, financial printing, tire industry launched large-scale application. New entrants are not only good mountains, high-value, and others also active speakers.

    Such as siasun, machine, Queensland ship strength established AGV enterprise, has ten years of product development technology accumulation, broad, rich product line, and set up early case, on the other hand, some medium-sized and new entrants, such as far to guangzhou, zhejiang kingdom have accelerated in recent years, the development momentum is also to be reckoned with.

    Siasun robot: with independent intellectual property rights is an inevitable trend in the development of AGV

    "Siasun independent technical AGV products batch application began in the early 90 s, when the domestic application promotion of AGV is very difficult, AGV products in the domestic awareness is not high, purchasing AGV factory basic image based on enterprise management needs." Siasun robot Wang Yupeng to high, general manager of robot network reporter said.

    "Domestic appeared two requirements were larger industry, is an automobile chassis assembly workshop closed, the other is a tobacco production logistics. Influenced by demand industry background, most of the tobacco industry USES the import system, by the domestic enterprise integration. Another field of automobile chassis or AGV foreign manufacturers are not willing to export, while siasun quickly grasp the opportunity, in 1991, the successful application of shenyang jinbei automobile the first case." Wang Yupeng said.

    The AGV chassis assembly this model successfully extended to various Ms., after 2007, siasun autonomous technology AGV products began to batch to overseas markets, gm's global factories for the United States, at the same time, the world famous companies such as BMW, ford, gm, nissan, started to adopt siasun AGV products.

    Wang Yupeng for AGV remain optimistic for the future development, he thinks, at present the change from all walks of life both at home and abroad logistics structure, improve the efficiency of logistics as one of the effective ways to promote the competitiveness of the products. In the long run, the vigorous development of AGV application began to spread from various industries, in the past the size of the market demand less industries such as household appliances, steel, paper making, medical, printing, food, chemical and other enterprises on the one hand, under the background of technical upgrading pressure gradually increase, the momentum of robot substitution is inevitable; On the other hand with the AGV parts supplier chain form, AGV will costs have fallen sharply, and the industry through the mature market growth over the years, AGV has arrived accumulates promotion stage in the whole industry chain.

    "Domestic traditional AGV enterprise basic fixed field has its own customer, because of AGV stability and reliability in the high-end market demand is strict, basic system by a few domestic enterprises and foreign occupation, new AGV enterprises can the industry through the low end of the AGC market, rapidly expanding business scope gradually close to the high-end field, form a fair market competition as a whole. In the past new areas for AGV market demand to break the industry appeared after the first successful case in the past, other needs the enterprise to follow the purchasing application mode. In recent years in the same industry emerging demand, several enterprises demand for AGV is put forward at the same time, the market concentration needs to evade the for an enterprise to AGV application failure, and cause the industry application of AGV lose confidence, so that the competition in the market more fair, so for AGV research and development enterprise rapidly expand emerging markets play a crucial role." "He added.

    With independent technology, strong capital, he argues, localization, stability research and development and technical personnel, services and technology to domestic industry familiar with the advantages of AGV domestic enterprises is ultimately benefit root causes, with independent intellectual property rights is an inevitable trend in the future domestic AGV industry development, domestic enterprises should continue to strengthen the cultivation of talents in the field of AGV and team construction.

    "Siasun will in the next two years for electrical business intelligence storage, automatic parking equipment, automatic terminal new high-end application fields such as intensify research and development, speed up the new pattern and new demand in the field of comprehensive layout". Wang Yupeng expectations for the future.

    To fix lian machine development: internal work into the people's livelihood industry application in the future

    Same as the strength of the old Beijing machine development, founded in 2002, the main environmental protection equipment and engineering, metallurgical equipment and engineering, AGV, and other products and engineering research and development, production and sales, in recent years to strengthen the AGV pioneering and development of the business.

    GGII survey, Beijing machine development of AGV products are mainly applied to printing money coinage, tires and military fields, especially the company in the field of banknote printing coinage AGV market share of more than seventy percent. In 2015, Beijing machine development AGV business income one hundred million yuan, the scale machine development market development earlier, experienced heavy AGV research and development, financial printing field.

    "Machine branch AGV products mainly from printing money coinage financial industry got started application, such as a banknote printing enterprise domestic first began to use machine company of AGV products has been 15 years." Machine division development, deputy general manager of Beijing Jin Yaping to completely robot network reporter said.

    Talked about in the coin the AGV research and development experience of the industry, the printing press Jin Yaping told completely robot net reporter, "the first thing to fully understand the print coin industry production process, logistics and the actual demand of the enterprise, and combined with the function and characteristics of AGV products, fully communicate with enterprises, and through the simulation calculation, formulate meet print coin production process characteristics of detailed AGV system as a whole solution, the second is in the system design, manufacture, production, installation, debugging and so on each link, let users can participate as soon as possible, allowing users to know in advance, be familiar with the whole system, the purpose is to let the user use good AGV system in the future, 3 it is to do a good job of upgrading the system in time, four is to do a good job of AGV system maintenance, remove the trouble back at home of users, through the above work, to let the user experience AGV system to use, for users to really solve the problem."

    "In addition, our AGV system is just a start from the industry's leading enterprise application, project implementation effect is very good, objectively will play the demonstration effect, making our company subsequent application in the industry is relatively easy." Is seemingly accidental, but it actually is many years of division of machine improvement internally.